FPF Press Kit – 2hp fixed speed

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Convert a Black Diamond log splitter into a high speed forging press. Forge presses differ from normal hydraulic workshop presses due to their high speed operation, commonly used for working large pieces of steel for open or closed die forging.

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This kit comprises everything you need to turn a Millers Falls Black Diamond 40t Log splitter (available Aus wide from Paramount browns (SA) LINK HERE, and various other retailers) into a forge press. We have tested these splitters / presses to produce up to 30t of force and a no load speed (dies closing) of up to 55mm/second (2.16″/sec).

This kit comes with easy to assemble laser cut steel, and pre-cut pieces to easily and quickly convert your log splitter into a forge press. Instructions are included. this includes a 2hp fixed speed motor and switchgear.

The relief valve is required to be adjusted to approx 1450psi, resulting in 13t of force.

There is an expectation that the buyer is able to perform basic steel work such as cutting, grinding, drilling, and welding. As well as having basic hand tools for measuring and tightening bolts. We have made every effort to reduce this work, and it has been set up to reduce any structural welding.


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